Muilla coronata

Jane McGary
Tue, 09 Mar 2010 17:01:28 PST
Donnie wrote,
>First of the bulbs flowering in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. The muilla
>coronata are growing in a vacant lot. Half the population was destroyed last
>year from construction. Suggestions on how to transplant bulbs. I would
>assume after they go dormant I can dig them up? Ill mark them with tent
>stakes, there are easily 500+ plants.
>Any suggestions or interests are welcome.

Marking the larger patches is a good idea, maybe use something nobody 
will want to steal, such as a bent wire with a piece of flagging 
tape. In my garden I am marking bulbs to move with groundcloth 
staples and yellow plastic tape, and it's starting to look like a 
crime scene. The bulbs may be VERY deep in the soil, and I suspect 
your soil gets brick-hard in summer, so digging them will be a real 
project, but it's certainly worth saving this little-grown species.

The genus Muilla is said to have been named as an anagram of 
"Allium," and is in the Alliaceae. It's found in the southwestern USA 
and adjacent Mexico. I've tried to grow a couple of species but lost 
them in winter; however, it gets as cold in Las Vegas as it does in 
my bulb frames, so I probably should try M. coronata sometime.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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