Iris lazica x I. unguicularis

David Nicholson
Wed, 10 Mar 2010 10:31:22 PST
Although I'm further south and west than Brian, and nearer the coast, my 
Iris lazica is in flower as it will be, hopefully, on and off until June/ 
July. Having said that my Iris unguicularis didn't flower at all this year 
(possibly because our summer last year was one of the wettest and dullest on 
record. Winter here has been a long one (and possibly hasn't finished yet).

My Narcissus 'February Gold', which normally flowers in the month true to 
it's name, has only just budded and might well be beaten to the finishing 
line by N. 'Topolino'.

I had a beautiful Iris graeberiana in full and majestic flower last year by 
the end of March but this year is showing only a couple of inches of growth.

David Nicholson
in Devon, UK. Zone 9b (normally!!)

>> There is no simple answer to this question, other than it depends on the 
>> weather. I have some lazica (of both species actually) at home now that 
>> has not yet tried to flower, so hopefully will later this month or 
>> next..........<< 

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