Spring is Sprung

J.E. Shields jshields104@comcast.net
Thu, 11 Mar 2010 05:36:40 PST
Hi all,

Yesterday both Galanthus elwesii and now G. nivalis were in 
bloom.  Trillium nivale is up, but was buried under leaves until I 
uncovered them two days ago, so they are yellow and small.

This morning, just a few minutes ago in fact, we had our first thunder and 
lightning of the season.  It must really be Spring in Indiana!

In the South African House, Scadoxus puniceus is almost finished 
flowering.  Scadoxus membranaceus are shooting up green leaves, Scadoxus 
(multiflorus katherinae X puniceus) F2 are sending up foliage as well; I 
don't think any of these are big enough to flower yet.  The S. multiflorus 
katherinae are still laying low.  I have just repotted them, so maybe that 
will encourage them to grow and bloom again.

In the Clivia House, the Clivia are at peak bloom.  Interesting things in 
flower for the first time here include Clivia 'Chubb Pretty Pink', also C. 
['Gladys Bleackbeard' X Umtamvuna Dark Pink], and my first plant from the 
cross Clivia ['Sunrise Sunset' X 'Tessa'].

I'll post pictures of these in my blog over the next several days.  The 
Clivia Open House is this coming Saturday afternoon, so probably only after 

Happy Springtime!

Jim Shields
in warm and rainy Westfield, Indiana

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