Pancratium maritimum

Adam Fikso
Mon, 08 Mar 2010 15:04:48 PST
I think your delayed assessment is more accurate.  Am sending a website with 
more info.
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> Thank you for assuming that I'm a reasonable person, Adam.
> I have two cold frames which I think of as my "protected" cold frames. In
> these I grow plants not likely to survive prolonged freezes. One frame is
> for plants which do not tolerate summer water, the other is for plants 
> which
> tolerate summer water. The Pancratium went into the summer dry frame; I
> thought that was appropriate for a Mediterranean climate plant. When those
> plants were obtained as dry, rootless bulbs, the summer dry frame was
> managed as a very dry frame - obviously it was too dry for the newly 
> planted
> Pancratium. I think they never had a chance to form a root system.
> Jim McKenney
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