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gentiaan bulborum bulborum@gmail.com
Sun, 14 Mar 2010 01:24:00 PST
Crinum bulbispernum is hardy
it is one of the parents of C.x powelii
the other parent C. moorei is absolutely not hardy


2010/3/14 Kathleen Sayce <ksayce@willapabay.org>

> Most of the Tulipa sylvestris bulbs I planted last year are about to
> come into bloom again, with signs of offsets forming around the
> original bulbs. The flowers are not yet open, but are fully colored.
> Also, a dozen T. clusiana in a patch nearby have tripled over the
> past few years, even tossing seeds out into the nearby lawn, which
> have now formed bulbs with leaves more than five inches long. No
> signs of buds above the leaves yet.
> The surprise in my garden is an Eremerus , which is apparently
> putting up a new shoot. I thought they all died last year, local
> weather being simply too wet for them. I planted 3 tubers 2 years
> back, watched two of them rot apart last spring, and assumed the
> third didn't even sprout. So here it is, 3 inches tall.  It's fate is
> probably the same as the others; time will tell.
> Several Camassia leichtlinii are already in flower, much shorter
> stalks than usual, and much earlier than usual.
> All three Crinum x powellii have pulled through the winter yet again
> (10F this time) and are sending up new leaves. Would people tell me
> about other hardy crinums? I've killed the next 5 that I've tried to
> grow, mostly due to cold wet winters and young plants, so next time I
> am prepared to pot the bulbs for a few years and let them get some
> size on them, and some winter shelter, before inflicting a Pacific
> Northwest winter on them in the open garden. Meanwhile, I have more
> than a dozen offshoots about the base of each original bulb, so if
> people are interested in offshoots of these, I will dig a few up for
> the BX.
> Kathleen
> SW Washington coast, cloudy, balmy 55F and no rain
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