Mystery Scilla (Oncostema)
Tue, 16 Mar 2010 12:54:04 PDT
David my Scillia peruviaa is evergreen in zone 7b unless we get bad freeze in teens.

Hope this helps.

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Dear members,

 have been growing an unknown bulb for two years.  From my notes it appears to 
e evergreen but it’s not clear what its dormant period is.  In mid-February I 
oticed a flower scape developing – it looks for all the world like that of 
cilla (Oncostema) peruviaa.  Except that it’s evergreen.  The peduncle hasn’t 
xpanded yet, and it looks like it’ll be more than a month before the first 
lowers open.  Do any of you know of any key to Scillas I might refer to to key 
ut this plant?  I'm fairly certain it will belong to the Oncostema group.

hank you,
avid Ehrlich
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