Iris lazica x I. unguicularis

Jim McKenney
Tue, 09 Mar 2010 12:26:36 PST
OK, I done the deed: Iris lazica was pollinated yesterday with pollen from
I. unguicularis. The reverse cross was not made because the flower of I.
unguicularis seemed to be past using for that purpose. 


It occurred to me the other day that Iris unguicularis is virtually unique
among the irises I know for its prolonged season of bloom. Here flowers
appear over a five month period: does any other iris come even close?
Imagine a hardy garden iris with a five month season of bloom! Has anyone
ever attempted crosses of I. unguicularis with bearded irises?  Imagine a
bearded iris which continually put up flowers over a five month period.
Those genes for prolonged blooming should not go to waste!


Does Iris lazica bloom over an extended season, or do the flowers come
mostly at once? The first two flowers to appear are fully formed now, and I
see more buds pushing up. Can anyone give me an idea how long this will



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