Fragrance in Hippeastrum

P. C. Andrews
Wed, 24 Mar 2010 09:29:30 PDT
I remember a post on a bulb forum a few years ago discussing this and I believe there was a response from Alan Meerow about fragrant hippeastrum hybrids he had developed.  The hybrids were not commercially available at the time although I looked for them for a couple of years.  I could not find the original post but Google found the following from 1999:
Breeding of new hippeastrum cultivars using diploid speciesAuthors:   A.W. Meerow, T.K. Broschat, M. E. Kane
Keywords:   amaryllis, flower bulbs, interspecific hybridization, Hippeastrum
 papilio, H. brasilianum, H. reticulatum
 var. striatifolium

An amaryllis breeding program using diploid species not well represented
 in current commercial tetraploid cultivars has been underway since 
1988. Objectives are to develop evergreen cultivars with attractive 
foliage and fragrant flowers of novel floral form and coloration.
F1 progeny between Hippeastrum papilio and, 
respectively, H. lapacense, H. cardenasianum,
 and H. vittatum var. tweedianum were successfully 
produced, and selections made during their first and second flowering 
season (February through June, 1990 and 1991). All selections from the F1
 generation are entirely evergreen, requiring no dormant period for 
Under Florida conditions, some repeat bloom in the autumn months.
Forty-one second generation crosses (sibling, interhybrid and new 
primary hybrid crosses) have been established in a new field under 30% 
saran shade and first flowering is presently occurring.
The progeny of one hundred and thirty-nine third year crosses are in 
production, consisting of additional sib and interhybrid crosses; new 
primary hybrid crosses with H. papilio, H. tucamanum,
 H. brasilianum, H. fragantissimum [these 
latter three all white, heavily fragrant, trumpet-flowered species], and
 H. reticulatum var. striatifolium. Complex crosses
 with selected Dutch cultivars and hybrids originating with Fred Meyer 
of California have also been generated.
A third trial field is being developed in the coming year for these 
At present, nearly 300 crosses have been completed.

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> Subject: [pbs] Fragrance in Hippeastrum
> Hi All,
> the subject of fragrance came up with Jim's H.brasilianum.
> My H.johnsonii opened this morning...reminding me that it too has
> frangrance...only I don't know that would call it that.
> When my Hipps bloom, I move them to my writing desk, so I can cherish
> those few precious days of the year that they actually flower...and
> last year I thought maybe I was going to have to banish the
> H.johnsonii to the window sill 'cuz I found it to have a
> soapy...not-altogether-pleasing...aroma.
> It was definitely not what I would call "sweet-smelling."
> What it reminds me of is a gentler version of Angel's Trumpet
> (Brugmansia 'Yellow Gold').
> Anyway, I'm curious if anyone else has found species or hybrids that
> have a definite fragrance/aroma?
> Just curious.
> -David (San Francisco/Sacramento)
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