Pancratium maritimum
Mon, 08 Mar 2010 16:56:01 PST
The bulbs I bought came from an ethnic store in Long Beach CA.  It is  no 
longer there.  They were labeled Pancratium maritimum and I planted them  
according to the instructions.  I do remember buying sand to mix in which  
other ingredients to plant them.  The bulb rack they came from had lots of  
bulbs I had never seen for sale before.  I also bought double tuberose  which 
wasn't around much back then, an onco aril iris which I have never seen in  a 
nursery or store before or since.  I did not succeed with it but I  do grow 
a few now.  I had the tuberose several years but gave it away in a  move.  
There were bulbs that I knew would grow in Hawaii but doubted if  they would 
grow in Ca so I didn't get them.  I just checked my pot labeled  Pancratium 
and nothing is showing.  I think they bloom late and I'm always  surprised 
to see them.  I did buy a yellow Hymenocallis later and remember  thinking 
they were similar but different.  It didn't survive.  I will  check my bulbs 
when they bloom this year and try to get a photograph.  I am  wondering if 
they are what they say or if they were mislabeled.  
Carolyn in Los Gatos, CA zone 9

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