Pancratium maritimum - hybrids

Adam Fikso
Tue, 09 Mar 2010 10:17:49 PST
Thank you, Angelo.  Interesting.  I want to try the cross Hymenocallis 
occidentalis --hardy down to -5 ° F ( ~  minus 20.56° C)   I do not 
necessarily expect an easy cross or even that this can occur.  My reasoning 
is that H. occidentalis might have separated much earlier from the rest of 
the Hymenocallis and therefore might have preserved some features that would 
enable it to cross with other related similarly structured relatives. The 
chriomosome  nos. seem not to favor the idea, but are in the realm of 
possibility , not unlike lycoris, with the haploid number allowing for some 
slippage   Of course the opposite is equally likely.  The occidentalis could 
be more cold hardy because it is more evolved and furher away from its 
origin, just as maritimum is further away from its common origin with either 
Hymenocallis or Ismene.

This is not ordinarily even worth considering.  But I'd like to try it. 
Sort of like super wide orchid crosses.  Besides it might be interesting to 
try to grow P. maritimum.

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To Jim Shields and those interested,

I have tried many times to cross Pancratium maritimum with Hymenocallis 
'Tropical Giant' both ways without success, no sure about the fertility of 
that Hymenocallis but I know it sets seeds crossed with other species. But 
more interesting, I have also tried to cross P. maritimum and P. illyricum 
both ways and never got any seed, nor a pod swelling and the fertility of 
both species isn't an issue.

best regards
Angelo Porcelli
Apulia - South of Italy

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