Moraea hybrids

Michael Mace
Sat, 13 Mar 2010 13:53:57 PST
A few years ago I started playing around with cross-breeding some Moraeas.
Some of the crosses were failures.  (For example, M. polystachya is so
self-fertile that I just bred more of the same.  I'll try putting tinfoil
hats on the flowers next.)

But in the meantime, my first successful Moraea hybrids have just started to

The most interesting is M. atropunctata x M. calcicola.  The seed parent
(atropunctata) gives the flower freckles, but M. calcicola turns those
freckles purple.  It's kind of cool.

You can see photos of them here:…

San Jose, CA (where it looks bright and sunny, but the wind feels like the
inside of a refrigerator)

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