Pancratium maritimum

Jim McKenney
Mon, 08 Mar 2010 12:33:21 PST
Last fall I planted five bulbs of Pancratium maritimum from a commercial
source in one of my cold frames. These bulbs were not exactly planted in the
usual sense. I simply put the bulbs on the surface of the cold frame soil
with the bases of the bulbs slightly buried. Most of the bulb is exposed.
The bulbs rooted quickly but have otherwise shown no sign of life (i.e. no
foliage). I'll report on their progress or lack of progress later this year.


I tried this species several years ago; bulbs were planted into the soil of
the same cold frame but not watered. Within a year the bulbs had either
disappeared or shriveled down to almost nothing. This surprised me - I
wrongly assumed that this species would need little water. 


In the past I've also grown P. illyricum as a pot plant, putting it outside
during the summer and bringing it in during the winter. Several years passed
without seeing the plant bloom,  and it was eventually discarded. 


I also planted five seeds of P. maritimum last November – but nothing has
happened there yet. 


I too would like to hear from anyone growing these species. 



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