Hippeastrum brasilianum in Bloom and other things likegroundhogs

MARK MAZER AND FREDRIKA MAZER markmazerandfm13@earthlink.net
Mon, 22 Mar 2010 07:35:40 PDT
> Now to find a cure for groundhogs (aka woodchucks). One young one caused
> quite a lot of damage last year on leafy greens - it even ate parsley and
> cilantro, but it didn't touch peppers or eggplants. I have started setting
> traps baited with apples and a "store-bought" bait, but something gets in
> and out of the trap with the bait in mouth and no catch. If you have never
> been plagued by these rodents, let me tell you that they can destroy a
> garden in one night! 
> HELP!!!

For bait in a box trap try chopped carrots or cabbage (outer leaves, cores)
or fresh green beans. Sometimes it helps to camouflage the trap.  Caught
six last year and one so far this year.
On rare occasions we employ a trap that kills them, I can get you the
manufacturer, model number and size if you wish. A .22 with a scope is
probably the most humane if you are at liberty  to use one where you live.
Mark Mazer
Hertford, North Carolina USA

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