Native N American crops

Lysne, Mark (Wyle) LYSNEM@ONR.NAVY.MIL
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Sunflowers seem to have been domesticated in Eastern North America. See…
There are some other crops such as squash whose origin is being debated.

Mark Lysne

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>Well Leo and Alberto, I think the answer to this one depends on how you
>divide up the Americas!
>For those who divide things up into North America and South America,
>both of you are right. 
>I was thinking in terms of North America, Mesoamerica and South
>That division is I think more common in biological discussions because
>the huge differences introduced by the Mesoamerican fauna. 
>As long as one accepts the division of the Americas into north, meso-
>south, then I?m on firm ground. 
>Jim McKenney

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