Two more iris events - now Arum

aaron floden
Thu, 11 Mar 2010 13:25:00 PST
 Arum concinnatum (about 5 different seed grown patches) even burns badly here in Tennessee, but has increased vegetatively, flowered, and set seed for the past two springs. Arum orientale subsp. sintenisii is barely hardy even here. Arum dioscoridis has come through the past two winters without much leaf burn at all. Arum idaeum, creticum, and apullum have died. Strangely the same A. apullum wintered in Kansas for two winters? 

 Tennessee, Z7?, where the lowest T the past two winters has been 7F, but we had 10 days of below freezing high temperatures in a row this year and no snow cover. 


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Thanks, Aaron, that's good to know - I'll try it again in the open garden. 

And thanks for mentioning Arum concinnatum: I've got that here in a cold
frame where it and lots of other arums are taking up much too much room with
their huge leaves. It too now has a date with the open garden. 

Jim McKenney


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