Native N American crops

Shoal Creek Succulents
Sat, 20 Mar 2010 05:59:03 PDT
I agree.  I used to attend Native Wildflower classes at the Morton
Arboretum.  There was an array of people who had knowledge of other things
such as birds or geological history that enhanced the class and made the
experience that much more interesting.

I don't always get a chance to read every post - I just select the ones that
capture my interest.  I do tend the read the posts labeled as 'off topic',
as some genera mentioned as topics are outside my window of interest and

I do realize I joined 'bulbs', but I don't feel I am hitting the 'delete'
key any more than normal.  Just depends on what's on everyone's mind :)

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While I understand Mary Sues' position, I, for one, have found this 
particular topic to be fascinating & informative so I would like to 
thank all the contributors who, for my money, have enriched the list. 
Thanks also for the forbearance of the non-contributors who have been 
restrained, some, like me, possibly even enjoying it.
	Robin Bell, Ithaca,  New York.

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