some more cool foliage & flower - Lachenalia 'Rupert'

Max Withers
Tue, 16 Mar 2010 13:30:33 PDT
Ken, better invest in some Sluggo. I don't know what else eats them because
the leaves aren't around long enough to find out (I've got a cv. called
'Elizabeth' in the ground). I asked about this a few months ago, and Michael
Mace grows them without difficulty -- with sluggo -- in San Jose.

[Sluggo is a brand of iron phosphate pellets, for those of you subject to
different branding strategies].

Oakland CA

From: Ken <>
Subject: [pbs] some more cool foliage & flower - Lachenalia 'Rupert'
 Do critters eat Lachenalia bulbs?? ie, can I put these in the ground and
expect them to dissapear?
San Diego

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