yellow squills in Passenger to Teheran

Jim McKenney
Fri, 05 Mar 2010 11:21:38 PST
Thanks, Russell, for reminding me of the late-winter blooming Sternbergia.
I've grown S. fischeriana, and that I forgot about it is an accurate
indication of just what I thought of it when I did have it. But it is a nice
addition to the list of late-winter flowering bulbs, and I would like to
acquire it again. I don't remember if it was fragrant - does anyone know?
The late-summer/autumn blooming S. clusiana is very fragrant in my

Roger suggested that Asphodeline or Eremurus be considered. As mentioned in
an earlier post, Iris persica was blooming at the same time. That says early
in the local season to me, and both Asphodeline and Eremurus are relatively
late here (very late spring - June -  in contrast to late winter).  

Thanks everyone - keep the ideas coming!

Jim McKenney

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