Texas Oxalis?

Ina klazina@orcon.net.nz
Sun, 07 Mar 2010 09:15:08 PST
Patty, this is not the yellow flowered variety we have here, but ours is 
a plague as you describe.  When I moved here 10 years ago, it truly was 
a plague too.  I don't know if you have Frend in an applicator bottle, 
but I mixed a really strong solution of Roundup (glycophosphate or 
whatever it is called) and put it in one of those bottles , than hand 
wiped each leaf of Oxalis.  Very rarely now does one appear, I suppose 
seeded from the neighbours.  It took time and patience, but has paid off.

As you say, digging it up was impossible.  Was told by friends I would 
never get rid of it!

Ina   Auckland New Zealand

Once it gets going , it is almost impossible to get rid of. It makes a 
tremendous amount of seed and it is nearly impossible to get all of them 
when you are tryng to dig up a clump to do away with!
If someone knows of a product that will kill them, please share with me.

Southeast Texas

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