Storing cyclamen seeds

Diane Whitehead
Sat, 22 May 2010 11:47:15 PDT
The species of cyclamen makes a great difference. Coum and  
hederifolium need no special treatment.  Purpurascens requires soaking  
and darkness unless you don't mind how long it takes to germinate.

I have posted the results of my cyclamen germination tests several  
times on Cyclamen-L.  The seeds were bought from the Cyclamen Society,  
which I received in October.   I didn't bother to test hederifolium as  
I had no need to buy any seeds.  (It produces masses of seedlings in  
the garden, even right on top of the parent corms, so it obviously  
does not need dark to germinate.)

The temperature was between 15 and 17 C.  The seeds were in a peat- 
based compost in small plastic bags so I could observe as soon as they  

If I had enough seeds for the test, I did this:
soaked/light,  soaked/dark,  unsoaked /light, unsoaked/dark

coum - no difference.  They all germinated between 17 and 22 days  
(I've had coum from Cyclamen Society seed bloom 8 months from the time  
I sowed them.)

  purpurascens and repandum:  soaking and darkness made a definite  
difference   (but repandum album behaved very differently from plain  
repandum:  unsoaked/light  27 days)

*** purpurascens:  soaked/dark  21 days, unsoaked/dark  38 days,  
soaked/light 49 days, unsoaked/light 83 days


If I didn't have many seeds, I didn't soak, but tested for light and  

mirabile, graecum, intaminatum,  persicum   no difference

creticum and cilicium did better in the dark   (cilicium germinated in  
22 days in the dark, and not until 31 days in the light)  I don't  
consider the difference is worth changing my usual seed sowing  
practice, however.

Diane Whitehead
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

On 22-May-10, at 10:15 AM, gentiaan bulborum wrote:

> I don't agree with no soaking
> after a lot of test from the cyclamen society it seems to be the  
> best with
> dried seeds give them a soak and keep them completely dark
> between 14°C and 16°C till they germinate

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