I. pseudacorus hybrids and beyond

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Tue, 25 May 2010 14:58:41 PDT
Dear Friends,
	Some of these hybrids involving I. pseudacorus are planned 
and some not. 'Holden Clough' was from a I chrysographes pod, but 
pollen is unknown. Many suggestions have been made. I do not think 
any one pollen parent has been proven. It grows more like the pod 
parent, a 40 chromosome siberian, which mostly means it is vigorous 
in the Pacific NW (Jane) ,struggles in the midwest (me) and probably 
does 'OK' in the SE (Tony).

	There are three major players in these wide crosses involving 
I., pseudacorus, and other Laevigate hybrids including Japanese 

	Hiroshi Shimizu after much searching discovered a clone of I 
pseudacorus that was more receptive to I ensata pollen ( the cv 
'Gubijin') to produce a range of so called pseudatas or Eye Lash 
hybrids. These come in a range of colors and forms:


	This has been a difficult cross mostly due to the widely 
disparate chromosome numbers of the two parents.

	Tony Huber, a Canadian hybridizer has produced a wide range 
of intricate crosses and back crosses in the entire Laevigate series. 
You can see just a few at http://www.iriscitygardens.com/frame2.html

	Jill Copeland has produce hybrids mostly involving pseudatas, 
too and others.  Some of these include 'Krill' and "Sea Krill', 
'Pixie Won' and more on the pages above.

	Some of these involve crosses of I. versicolor x ensata (x 
versata) or back crosses again to versicolor (x biversata), x robusta 
(versicolor x virginica), tetraversata (tetraploid versata) and more. 
Many of these come fairly true from seed (see the SIGNA seed list 315 
- 346 (http://www.signa.org/index.pl?Seed2009) while others are 
sterile or nearly so.

	Most of these are fairly easy to cultivate over a wide part 
of the US. Some are unique such as 'Enfant Prodige' with up to 80 
flowers over 6 or 7 weeks of bloom!

	If you have a fear of I pseudacorus, do investigate these 
further and give them a try.	best	Jim W.
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