Wed, 12 May 2010 00:58:57 PDT
I was quite surprised to hear that Sternbergia spp. didn't set seeds for some people indeed. Some years ago I got some bulbs of a clone of sicula 'Autumn Gold' and so far it has never set any seed here, whereas I get seeds from all the other species. Apart some odd clones self sterile or probably totally sterile, I am sure all the species are self fertile because they all set seeds for me and I got them just from a single bulb (candida, clusiana, fischeriana, greuteriana). Germination is another matter, I can't yet understand the reason of the very low rate of S. fischeriana (which has the biggest seeds of the genus), probably needs a cold stratification or even to be removed the aril i.e. like the Aril Irises.
Time ago I added some new photos of Sternbergia on the wiki
Angelo Porcelli
Apulia - South of Italy


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