New owners and gardens

Ina Crossley
Sun, 23 May 2010 12:23:45 PDT
Many years ago, when we had bought our first house, being an avid 
gardener, and in those days nurseries sold a huge variety of plants, 
unlike the supermarket mentality of today, the main nursery, Palmers, 
put out a plant book of what they had.

I studied it and chose what plants I wanted and how to lay out the 
garden.  We landscaped the garden with saw dust from my husbands work as 
a wood turner, and railway sleepers which at that stage were comparably 

That was 50 years ago and the garden is by and large kept as it was 
then.  As I was told recently by my now ex-husband.

So there is hope for Jane's garden yet!

Ina Crossley   Auckland New Zealand where we are having our first autumn 
storm bringing some much needed rain.

> What I can imagine is wifey turning to hubby and saying, "dear, why don't you 
> bring in the backhoe and level all that mess so we can have a nice paddock for 
> the horses?" [PS: I am not implying that Jane's place is a mess of any sort.]

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