Phaedranssa lehmannii

Nolo Contendere
Sun, 16 May 2010 14:26:55 PDT
Dear David,

I have a Ecuadorean PhD. student, Nora Oleas, who is working on 
Phaedranssa in my lab.  We have sought material of P. lehmannii from 
which to extract DNA, to no avail, as Colombia has become very difficult 
to obtain permission for collections.  In the 1990's I was sent a 
specimen, unfortunately without flowers, supposedly of this species, 
collected a few years previously from near the type locality by Jorge 
Ramos, at that time curator of the herbarium of the Universidad del 
Valle in Cali.  We tried extracting DNA from this specimen as well, 
unsuccessfully.  I searched around in type locality for this plant in 
1984 and turned up nothing, though I did find P. ventricosa Baker near 
Purace.  Currently, several Colombian colleagues are keeping their eyes 
open when they are in the vicinity of the original collections.

I've seen the type specimen, as well as collection made by Mulford 
Foster in the 1940's, and we have no reason  to believe that it 
represents anything other than a species of Phaedranassa.  No material 
of that genus has ever been collected in Peru (though a synonym of 
Rauhia multiflora is Phaedranaas megistophylla).

Alan Meerow

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