Jim McKenney
Tue, 11 May 2010 14:31:00 PDT
Ina wrote: " Carolyn mentioned that they never 

set viable seed, which set me off wondering if it is possible at all.


As I have various Amarylid family bulbs, which can all be increased by 

growing from seed, I find it strange that the Sternbergias set not one 

seed.  So am wondering why.  And if it IS possible."


Ina, Sternbergia do set seed - or at least some of them do. From my personal
experience, I know that S. clusiana, S. greuteriana and S. sicula set viable


However, I have never heard of the big commercial form (the only form most
of us grow) of Sternbergia lutea setting seed. I've long suspected that this
is triploid or aneuploid, perhaps even of hybrid origin. 


Perhaps Ben Zonneveld will add something to this.



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