Dennis Kramb
Tue, 11 May 2010 16:29:49 PDT
My adventures in terrariums have sparked an interest in gesneriads (as well
as insectivorous plants like venus flytraps and Pinguiculas).

I attended an African Violet & Gesneriad show in Columbus Ohio on May 1st
and came home with a bundle of coveted new plants.  :-)  Some of them I had
no idea what they were, I just knew I had to have them (like my new
Petrocosmea sp.).  The prices were crazy cheap... ranging from 50 cents up
to $7.  So of course I couldn't resist!

Since then I've been reading up on them a lot.  And I find myself
particularly keen on the Central & South American gesneriads, especially
Smithiantha and Sinningia.  I really love the micro-mini Sinningias, and
some of the geophytic Sinningias are downright crazy looking (I'm talking
about YOU Sinningia defoliata)!

I prefer growing species.  And I'm building a collection of species, but
I'll undoubtedly make some crosses.

It's so fun falling in love with a new category of plants!

I'd love to hear what other PBS members consider to be their favorite
gesneriads.  And how do they grow them?  (My Sinningia tubiflora in my
terrarium is growing outrageously tall.  I think it likes the humidity a bit
too much.)

Dennis in Cincinnati

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