Nerine seeds

J.E. Shields
Sat, 01 May 2010 11:54:16 PDT
Hi all,

Mary Sue, some Haemanthus do the same thing.  For the fleshy-seed 
amaryllids, I simply plant the seeds whenever I can, then keep them growing 
indoors under 16 hr/day fluorescent lights and plenty of water.  I usually 
keep them in continuous growth for 15-18 months, until their next natural 
growth cycle would start.  At that point they go into the greenhouse or 
outdoors.  From there on, they get the normal annual cycle of dormancy, 
same as their older conspecifics.

Jim Shields
in warm, wet Westfield, Indiana

At 11:37 AM 5/1/2010 -0700, you wrote:
>Over the years we have been told that there are some fleshy Amaryllid
>(as in the smaller definition of this family instead of the wider
>one) seeds that need to be planted immediately
>We've talked about putting fleshy Amaryllid seed into the
>refrigerator if it arrives from another hemisphere at the wrong time
>hoping to delay when you start it to a better time weather wise and I
>guess it was cool enough where I had the seeds to have the same
>effect. But in this case they were not protected in any way and still
>did not shrivel and die and without any soil still formed a bulb.
>Mary Sue

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