pbs Digest, Vol 94, Issue 30 re seeds germinating in mail

CGeat25049@aol.com CGeat25049@aol.com
Wed, 17 Nov 2010 11:32:53 PST
 Years ago, I had poor luck germinating clivia. Very bad because I  paid 
$2-4 each plus shipping from South Africa. When I complained to Silverhill  
about the bad seeds they were sending me, it turnd out I had bad sowing 
advice.  Some website had said to sow them in the dark so that's what I was doing. 
 Silverhill corrected my error.  I had sowed them two months previously so  
they were kept moist in a ziplock. I had taken them out to my lanai with 
the  idea of dumping these "bad"  seed and had stuck the cell inserts on a 
shelf  for two weeks until I got around to throwing them in the compost heap. 
Of course  they were getting light now.   When Silverhill told me what I 
doing  wrong, I rushed out to bring them back inside and lo and behold , the two 
weeks  in the light was a enough to get them started. With all the talk of 
seeds  germinating willy-nilly, I went googling to see what was being  said 
about  clivia right now and there is still advice being given about starting 
them in  the dark ! What saved them for the two months was that they  were 
being  kept moist. It is suggested that the seeds be refrigerated and I am 
wondering if  that is necessary as long as they are kept moist and in the 
dark  ( when  apparently they need light to spout).
 Cherry G

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