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Oops! Sorry to send a personal note to the whole list.

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Dear Susan,


I corresponded with you years ago when I ran the IBS seed and bulb exchange.
I met either you or your sister at the IBS symposium in Chicago. And we
exchanged messages about my visiting the Henry Foundation to hear Elizabeth
Schultz speak. Since then I have become acquainted with your neighbor Betty
Mackey. What has become of the Henry Foundation and its collection of


I am still a member of the IBS, but I serve an offshoot of that organization
in the capacity of seed and bulb exchange director. It is called the Pacific
Bulb Society. I hope you will visit our website at  We
are friendly people who include many current and former members of IBS; we
have a great seed and bulb exchange, an active online discussion group that
is open to all, and an information wiki that is accessible to all and
contains a collection of photos and information about geophytic plants that
rivals any site on the internet. 


Best regards,



Dell Sherk, New Hope, PA

Pacific Bulb Society Seed and Bulb Exchange

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