ID in an Andean canyon

Thu, 18 Nov 2010 10:36:06 PST
I've been looking through my files of plants seen when in Argentina a few
years ago and, over the past month, have posted messages on the bulbs seen.
Here is another: 

It was taken in northern Argentina in a deep canyon through which a river
flowed. The whole place was humid and on the nearly vertical rock walls grew
many plants, notably cacti, begonias, bromeliads and ferns. In this shot the
rebutia is R. jajoiana but I do not know what the unusual bulbous bloom is.
Small pieces of debris from the canyon walls are noticeable. At first
observation I even thought that with the humidity and lichens present it
might be a moss ally! But, no, it is not. So, I call upon you experts of
those parts to render advice.  

Andrew Wilson
San Diego

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