Window flowers

David Ehrlich
Thu, 04 Nov 2010 11:52:39 PDT
Dear members,

Has anyone done an investigation into why some flowers develop windows in their 
petals?  I came to that question this morning when I noticed a late bloom on my 
Cypella herbertii (yes, they do have an exceedingly long season, but we've been 
having unseasonably warm and wet weather lately here on the S.F. Peninsula).  I 
noticed that the portion of the outer tepals which form the cup are 
transparent.  In most photos this portion looks white, but it is actually 
hyaline (or at any rate, it was on this morning's blossom).  There are other 
plants noted for transparent windows in their petals.  Are there any theories 
about how these might have evolved?

David E.

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