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Adam Fikso
Sun, 28 Nov 2010 09:33:46 PST
You'd still have the  problem of electronic stgorage, defragging, 
compacting, putting them on CDs  and stacking them, problems of 
compatibility on playback, that is, if you wanted to play them back and 
changed your computer system. Ever hear of  Beta max? 16mm film, Polaroid 
film--cost of transcription?  Or, albumen prints? Might be worth a 
discussion somewhere down the line.

'Green' doesn't solve this problem, merely moves it into the future or 
another place-- from my point of view-- but again, might be worth 
discussing.  Do we have a librarian or museum curator hande.  Thy deal with 
these issues all the time.

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> Is there any talk of PBS offering a cheaper, greener membership level? 
> One
> where the newsletters/bulletins are emailed electronically rather than
> printed, published, and mailed via USPS?
> I ask because it's that time of year to renew my membership... and it'd be
> really cool to have this option.  Honestly speaking I don't save my
> newsletters/bulletins from any society (except for the Aril Society's
> yearbooks which are just too awesome for words).  I used to try to save
> everything, but it became a burden, and a downright mess in my household.
> But if I had them electronically in PDF format, well that would be another
> story (one with a happy ending!).
> Dennis in Cincinnati
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