All My Hippeastrum Seedlings Were Devoured!

Josh Young
Sun, 07 Nov 2010 10:54:24 PST
Hi guys,

    I know this is an older topic but I wanted to let everyone know that I 
followed the advice from Del Allegood, it was succesful and all my Hippeastrum 
seedlings currently are on their third and fourth leaves.  I'm continuing them 
on flourescent lighting for 24 hours a day, does anyone know any adverse effects 
this can create?  I've heard that plants only photosynthesis a certain amount of 
time a day, am I wasting my electricity?

Anderson, IN

From: Del Allegood <>

Put flourescent light over them, three to four inches away,twenty four hours a 
day. Rake back the medium,so that the little bulbs are exposed at their tops. 
You might be able to salvage some of them. I have been somewhat successful doing 

this. I have had tremendous problems with all kinds of plant eaters this year.

From: Josh Young <>
Hi Guys,

    So this morning I awoke to see that several of my pots of Hippeastrum 
seedlings had been a midnight snack for several caterpillars.  I hope they 
enjoyed their hamdonii sandwhich with a side of psittacinum puddingand a large 
diet calyptra-cola!  

    Seriously tho, they ate all the seedlings to the ground, I had several 
gallon pots with maybe 15 or more seedlings in each, how can I keep this from 
happening again without jeopardizing the seedlings themselves?  I had aulicum, 
blossfeldiae, calyptratum, cybister, mandonii, morelianum, glaucescens and 
psittacinum and all are gone.  



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