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Sun, 07 Nov 2010 23:52:22 PST
I just use plastic coffee cups
50 for 1 $
a piece of plywood with holes a little smaller as the cups
and 4 long nails in the corner to keep the plywood from the table
You can protect the table for the nails
just by putting some corks on the nails you protect the table


2010/11/8 Dennis Kramb <dkramb@gmail.com>:
> There is an inherent, annoying, recurring problem that always happens to me
> at this time of year.  With seeds being harvested from so many different
> plants both indoors and outdoors... I run out of bowls.  I just went to get
> some salsa for my chips, and there were no clean bowls for my salsa!  Yet my
> countertops are cluttered with bowls filled with all sorts of seeds...
> Echinacea... Iris... Silphium... you name it.  LOL.
> I can see that I am down to just two bowls NOT being used for seeds.  But
> they were both dirty from meals earlier in the day.

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