Problems by sending plants to an other country
Sat, 13 Nov 2010 06:35:56 PST
 Hello I think u have the wrong person..I am Kim... I don't remember ordering anything and if I did please cancel as this is way to costly!!!
Kim Glenn




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Hello Jim

I just calculated but I have to pay  618.81 USD

for the broker and there was a phytosanitaire on the parcel

from less as 2 kilo

I find this a abnormal price


2010/11/13 J.E. Shields <>

> When I receive a shipment coming into the USA by air freight, I use a

> customs broker to handle clearing the shipment and to forward it on to me.

>  I pay for all these extra services, which are avoided if one uses the

> postal service.  In all cases, a phytosanitary certificate must accompany

> the shipment.  It gets to be expensive.  I rarely import anything anymore.


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