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Adam Fikso
Sun, 28 Nov 2010 10:11:06 PST

Thank you for rounding out and extending my position, (This from a guy who 
is planning to throw out and recycle an entire set (missing one) of the ASI 
Yearbook. WiIl check to see if our local library wants it, first.

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> Dennis,
> I'm glad you brought this subject up.  Emerald Chapter, NARGS, e-mails its 
> newsletters in color to nearly all members.  However, some of our older 
> members without computers must receive a paper copy, which is in black and 
> white.
> I e-mail my catalog to most customers, but there are those for whom, for 
> whatever reason, need to receive paper copies.  I have discovered that 
> there are still a lot of us in very rural areas who cannot get high-speed 
> internet and must rely on dial-up.
> Cable is out.  I don't have a television and cannot justify the expense. 
> When and if Frontier provides the DSL option, I will probably sign up, 
> although it irks me no end because since they took over from Verizon, the 
> dial-up service has seriously deteriorated.  I hear DSL has as well, if 
> they are in rural areas.  Our ISP has made formal complaint to no avail.
> PBS has some options but they are not viable for everyone.  Smaller press 
> runs cost more, generally speaking.  By the way, I'm not speaking for PBS 
> on this - I've based it on our experience with NARGS Emerald Chapter.  And 
> I could still be wrong...
> I, for one, prefer paper.  I do not have unlimited capacity for storing 
> electronic files.  In looking up a subject stored on paper, I stumble 
> across others and can refresh my memory or answer a number of questions at 
> the same time.
> There is really a misunderstanding of the word "green".  Coming form an 
> accounting background,  the powers that be would have us believe that 
> "green" is good.  It is not always.  An electric car, for example, does 
> reduce the use of oil and other oil-based products, but it still has a 
> high consumption of energy.  It has to be recharged.  Where does that 
> electricity come from?  From coal-fired plants, from hydro power, and 
> other sources that are do not regenerate.  Wind farms are not the most 
> efficient source and they are a serious detriment to animals and the 
> environment.  Computer manufacturing uses up resources that are difficult 
> to recover, and the search and mining for rare earth minerals can be 
> devastating.
> Paper can last 200 or more years.  There is serious debate about how long 
> a CD lasts, probably a few years at most, with proper storage.  Microfiche 
> lasts about 100 years.  Then searching computer archives a hundred years 
> from now is quite likely to be problematic.  The US government has  many 
> years of Social Security records on tape that it no longer has the 
> equipment to read in any large capacity, if at all.
> At least I can recycle my nursery pots and poly greenhouse covering, and 
> my used soil mix. And I can pass on my paper journals to those who are 
> interested, including, to my amazement, a daughter and a grandson who have 
> discovered a serious interest in gardening.
> For those who are willing and able to receive electronic media, I say have 
> at it.  For others, it's problematic.  One final note - and perhaps Jane 
> McGary and Jane Merryman can answer this one.  The setup for printing a 
> paper catalog differs clearly from setup for e-mailing.  Would this be a 
> problem?
> Robin Hansen
> Hansen Nursery
> briefly clear and sunny and 33 F
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>  Is there any talk of PBS offering a cheaper, greener membership level? 
> One
>  where the newsletters/bulletins are emailed electronically rather than
>  printed, published, and mailed via USPS?
>  I ask because it's that time of year to renew my membership... and it'd 
> be
>  really cool to have this option.  Honestly speaking I don't save my
>  newsletters/bulletins from any society (except for the Aril Society's
>  yearbooks which are just too awesome for words).  I used to try to save
>  everything, but it became a burden, and a downright mess in my household.
>  But if I had them electronically in PDF format, well that would be 
> another
>  story (one with a happy ending!).
>  Dennis in Cincinnati
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