H. neopardinum, Is It Valid? / H. "Spotty" = H. neopardinum?

Josh Young joshy46013@yahoo.com
Wed, 03 Nov 2010 15:34:28 PDT
Hi guys,

    I've ran across Hippeastrum "Spotty" which seems identical to Hippeastrum 
neopardinum.  Does anyone have any information on this cultivar?  I can't seem 
to find a source for it, I would love the opportunity to see it in person!

   Also, is H. neopardinum actually a described species?  I've noticed many 
people class neopardinum in with pardinum.  Is the true H. pardinum the one 
listed by Dennis on the IBS gallery, my H. pardinum is identical to his.

   Does anyone have any offsets of H. neopardinum they'd like to trade? If so, 
shoot me an e-mail!

Anderson, IN


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