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Mon, 22 Nov 2010 09:09:44 PST
I'm terribly impressed. Your skills are not only way beyond me but you 
continue to improve on them to our benefit.Thanks for all that you do.

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> Hi,
> PmWiki which is the wiki software we are currently using has many recipes 
> you can add to create new features. We have tried to keep our wiki simple 
> so haven't added a lot of them although from time to time David Pilling 
> has found ones that we think are useful and installed them.  A little more 
> than a week ago he added a recipe that allows us to look at how many times 
> each page is accessed. In a little over a week there have been 42,664 page 
> views at my last look. I believe this justifies all of the time that has 
> been put into creating the pbs wiki.
> Our previous wiki kept track of how many hits each page got and we had a 
> Most Popular page so you could see which pages were viewed the most often. 
> Although this might seem to be a way of determining which bulb was most 
> popular, since a lot of the people who viewed the wiki are referred by a 
> Google search engine, the more unusual bulbs would have less competition 
> for pages to find information so could get more hits. In addition we have 
> split up a lot of the pages that we have a lot of pictures of so each page 
> won't take so long to load and sometimes adding a hybrid page to 
> distinguish from the species page, so have multiple pages for :
> Albuca, Allium, Alstroemeria, Amaryllis, Arisaema, Babiana, Brodiaea, 
> Calochortus, Colchicum, Crinum, Crocus, Cyclamen, Cyrtanthus, Delphinium, 
> Drimia, Erythronium, Favorite Blue Bulbs,  Favorite Orange Bulbs, Favorite 
> Pink Bulbs, Favorite White Bulbs, Favorite Yellow Bulbs, Fritillaria, 
> Geissorhiza, Gladiolus, Haemanthus, Hesperantha, Hippeastrum, Homeria, 
> Hymenocallis, Iris, Ismene, Ixia, Lachenalia, Legacy Bulbs, Lilium, 
> Mendocino Sonoma Coast, Moraea, Narcissus, Namaqualand, Nerine, 
> Ornithogalum, Oxalis, Pelargonium, Roggeveld, Romulea, Sparaxis, Tigridia, 
> TOW (Topic of the Week), Trillium, Triteleia, Tritonia, Tulipa, Watsonia, 
> Zephyranthes
> For some of these we may have just one or two extra pages and for others 
> we have a lot of pages. Allium, Arisaema, Calochortus, Crinum, Crocus, 
> Fritillaria, Gladiolus, Iris, Lilium, Narcissus are a few of the ones with 
> many pages. So to measure their popularity you'd have to add up all the 
> hits for all the pages.
> When we changed to the new wiki I saved the most popular page from the old 
> wiki. The thirty pages with the most hits in the old wiki in order were:
> HomePage
> MostPopular
> PhotographsAndInformation
> Iris
> Nothoscordum
> Lilium
> TitleSearch
> RecentChanges
> Hippeastrum
> HardinessZoneMaps
> Alstroemeria
> Crocus
> Zephyranthes
> BeardlessIrises
> Curcuma
> Tigridia
> Freesia
> Amaryllis
> MendocinoCoastBotanicalGardens
> Oxalis
> UploadFile
> Nerine
> NarcissusHybrids
> Hymenocallis
> Ornithogalum
> Scilla
> Crinum
> Tulipa
> SouthAfricanOxalis
> Begonia
> Alocasia
> If you are interested in seeing the 30 pages that were viewed the most in 
> the past week you can add to any wiki page:
> ?action=totalcounter
> It will also tell you the pages viewed that day and the referral sources 
> and a number of other things. You can expand beyond 30 by adding the 
> number you want to see to this  &TotalCounterMaxItems=
> For example:
> <http://pacificbulbsociety.org/pbswiki/index.php/…>
> will allow you to see a count for the hits for 500 wiki pages (if that 
> many have had hits) since David added the counter. You can see if the same 
> things are still the most popular (and many of them are).
> This recipe seems to self destruct over time so we don't know how long it 
> will last, but in the meantime I am finding it very interesting. We hope 
> it will encourage some of you who are just adding photos to your own 
> websites to learn how to use the wiki and help us fill in our missing gaps 
> and make this an even better resource.
> Mary Sue
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