Brunsvigia self sterility
Sun, 14 Nov 2010 01:44:05 PST
 Dear friends,

does anyone know for sure if Brunsvigia spp. are self sterile of not? Last year I got 4 B. bosmaniae to bloom simultaneously, I hand pollinated crossing all them and got un unreal numer of seed. This year have bloomed 5 but I didn't pollinated any, anyway the set seeds on their own, but at afternoon a large number of moths visited the flowers, although the number of seeds has been much lower than past year. This year also has flowered a B. josephinae, which I have hand pollinated with Amaryllis and B. bosmaniae pollen, but not all flowers. So, some have developed a big pod with many seeds inside, while most of them are empty or have just  1-2 seeds. The question is this: if B. josephinae is self sterile, are these seeds all hybrids? In the case, I would send to the PBS BX, as they are really too many or my use.

best wishes
Angelo Porcelli
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