Dennis Kramb dkramb@badbear.com
Mon, 15 Nov 2010 19:43:15 PST
I suppose these are horribly off-topic, being epiphytes?  But, during my
trip to Los Angeles I visited Rainforest Flora and left with an armload of
new Tillandsias to add to my collection.

I had 5 Tillandsias already, back home... and now I have another 15.  And
some of them are huge!  What really got me excited were the "bulbous"
species that I had never encountered before.  They look like they're from
another planet.


They're wanna-be geophytes, I guess.  :-)  I just love them!

I learned a lot during that visit.  I never realized the genus was so
diverse... with species that grow in deserts, and others that grow in shady
rain forests.  Some are tiny, and others have inflorescences several feet
tall and wide.  And some are heavenly fragrant!  (I bought a lot of those.)

So... just to recap... this year's new obsessions were:  carnivorous plants,
gesneriads, orchids, and now tillandsias.  LOL.  But my old die-hard
passions are still there... irises, native wildflowers, and of course
geophytes!!!  (Actually, there are several geophytes amongst the carnivorous
plants, gesneriads, orchids, irises, and native wildflowers... but not

Dennis in Cincinnati

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