Nerine notes in MA

Matt Mattus
Wed, 03 Nov 2010 17:31:10 PDT
Well, as long as we are all chatting about Nerine, I might as well share my
images on my Flickr page from last week.

I also posted some on my blog Growing with, where there are more.
I planted some N. sarniensis ten years ago along the foundation of the
greenhouse in the alpine garden, and although they send up foliage every
autumn, never a bloom. I may have planted them too deeply ( I think I buried
them about a foot deep).

I tried photographing all of my collection this year, since most bloomed, so
that I could have an image with the name tag, and the blossom, but they are
so challenging to photograph. I spent three days shooting each stem with a
label, but they looked nothing like the real, live, blossom.

I finally decided to just pick them all, and arrange them on a board in the
garden, arranged in floral foam by color. I figured that a nice photoshoot
was worth a few seeds!

Matt Mattus
Worcester, MA USA
Zone 5b

On 11/3/10 5:26 PM, "Ellen Hornig" <> wrote:

> I put a group of N. bowdenii in the garden this year, near the south-facing
> wall of the garage, and they're all in full bloom now, seemingly unperturbed
> by the fairly significant freeze we had last night (down to at least 28F).
> This clone, which I confess I got on eBay years ago, has always been quite
> frost-tolerant in containers (I'd bring them onto the deck to admire when
> they came in bloom).  It's also free-blooming, and multiplies like crazy.
> I'll be interested to see whether the ones I planted out reappear in spring.
> Ellen
> Ellen Hornig
> Seneca Hill Perennials
> 3712 County Route 57
> Oswego NY 13126 USA
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