ID in an Andean canyon

Fri, 19 Nov 2010 16:25:30 PST
Well, then perhaps we should try to grow them here. A new market. The second
coming of the potato and the tomato!

On Tillandsia, was the seed from the coastal or mountain areas. T. palacea
is a nice one to grow but T. latifolia is big.

San Diego

Andrew, That is a very interesting paper. I'm still not sure where my
succulent Oxalis falls within the group. I have attached photos of what
appears to be Oxalis tuberosa taken about 20 miles or so south of Lima. The
Peruvian coastal plain is about the dreariest place I have ever been and
these yellow flowers stuck out like little neon lights among shades of gray.
I also attached a photo of Oca taken at a farmhouse outside Cajamarca at
about 3300 meters elevation. They are as tasty as they are beautiful!

I did not have a permit to collect plants, so I just collected some
Tillandsia seed at various places along the way. (Hopeful I should live so
long to see them flower!)

Gregg DeChirico
Santa Barbara, California

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