Hipps that won't stay down!

David Maxwell opbungalow@gmail.com
Thu, 11 Nov 2010 14:58:32 PST
Arg!  I'm doing it again!

Last year I swore that never again would I spend the holidays (alone)
with pots of moist dirt in my living room & dining room!

But sure enough, today I brought 9 pots on Hippeastrum in from out of the cold.

While most of my Hippeastrum are yellowing & going dormant...'Dancing
Queen', H.johnsonii, C.'Sumatra', 'Exotica' and H.striatum died back
early and now look like they're gonna go again.

So I gave 'em a good soak and brought 'em inside.

Oh well.

Early New Year's Resolution; I will build a greenhouse in 2011!

-David in Sacramento

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