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The "bulb"-type tillandsias are usually shaped that way to benefit ants
(myrmecophytic), getting protection from pests in return.  The bulb shape
and the long, tubular leaves make sort of a pre-fab ant-farm.  The bulb
doesn't do much as far as water or nutrient storage, but serves more as a


On Tue, Nov 16, 2010 at 9:12 AM, Carlo A. Balistrieri

> Ahh, Dennis, you've hit upon one of my loves. I have had upwards of 30 or
> so species (there are many more) and grow them, for the most part, just
> laying around under the lights. There are a couple other good sources for
> plants and a book or two (in storage at the moment--sorry). My favorites are
> the little guys--and the aforementioned blobs.
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