Iris 'Dardanus'

James Waddick
Tue, 02 Nov 2010 12:03:47 PDT

	Iris 'Daranus' Van Tubergen,  an undated hybrid between I. 
korolkowii ( Section Regelia) x I. iberica (Section Oncocyclus).
	The Van Tubergen Nursery Ltd, and Zwanenberg Nurseries in 
Haarlem, Holland. specialized in Regeliocyclus hybrid iris and 
introduced dozen of still popular cultivars.  Most of these date to 
the  period from 1900-1920.

	This courtesy of the American Iris Society/ SIGNA cultivar 
checklist and Bob Pries.

		Best		Jim W.

ps Cultivation info on the web site of the "Aril Society International"
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