Banana leaf canna nomenclature question
Mon, 01 Nov 2010 02:01:47 PDT
>If this were a species canna, the change from musaefolia to musifolia would
>be in accordance with the current international rules for botanical

>But this is not a species, it?s a cultivar or hybrid. That being the case,
>can we retain the original spelling musaefolia? Can some one with access to
>the rules for cultivated plants let me know? 

Article 35.1 of the Cultivated Code states "The correct spelling of epithets in Latin form that were originally published under the provisions of the ICBN but that are subsequently used as cultivar, Group or Grex epithets is to be determined in accordance  with the provisions of Art. 60 of the ICBN".  So 'Musifolia' is correct if used as a cultivar epithet.


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