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  The "web bots" section only counts bots that are honest enough to identify themselves as such - which is why the list of bots is short and confined to popular search engines. The web is thick with nefarious web bots that exist mainly to collect 
emails for spamming or to insert blog and comment spam into unprotected 

  The high count of "unknown" operating systems (30%) and "unknown" referers (40%) would suggest that more than 15% of the traffic is from web bots. This is useful to know when/if the society decides to allow more access to the editing and posting features of the wiki.

  Either way, the wiki is getting decent traffic for a noncommercial enterprise.


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> Hi,
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> >  I looked over the stats and wondered if the section titles "LastDay" 
> >is showing hits by hour.
> I think so.
> > The spikes at 11pm/midnight and the spike at noon makes me think a 
> >significant part of the measured traffic may be automated web crawling 
> >software.
> There's a section on the statistics page "web bots" which shows hits 
> from search engine crawlers - doing the arithmetic 15% of the total. 
> 6000 out of 40,000.
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