Canna seedling

Adam Fikso
Mon, 15 Nov 2010 21:55:33 PST
If it came through last winter and survived and is a volunteer, I'd leave it 
in place--marking the spot to see if it isn't something different. And if it 
comes up, record the lowest temperature. there

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>I had a Canna seedling appear in my garden where I haven't grown any Cannas
> in years.  I dug it up a couple weeks ago after our first frost, but I'm
> wondering if I should replant it now and try to keep it growing through
> winter.  It seems so small.  Does anyone have a recommendation?
> Likewise, I got some Canna flaccida seeds from the recent BX offering, and
> wondering if I should sow them now and grow them under lights this winter?
> Any recommendations?
> Dennis in Cincinnati
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