Massonia question

Roy Herold
Sun, 07 Nov 2010 14:21:17 PST

The pustules are definitely age related, and will show up in the second 
or third year after sowing. The BX247 bulbs that I sent in this year 
were from a very crowded seed pot (sorry!), and are probably a bit 
behind in development. All of the seedlings that I have grown of this 
selection eventually develop pustules. They will not flower until after 
the pustules show up, or so it seems.

That said, there are smooth or nearly smooth forms of M. pustulata. Paul 
Cumbleton from Wisley sent some seeds from a 'few pustules' form to 
BX181. These were sown in 2008, and all are now at the two-leaf stage, 
with no visible pustules. Some regular pustulata sown at the same time 
are covered with pustules, not as heavily as a mature plant, and none 
appear to have buds.

There is also a pustulate leaved form of M. jasminiflora. Seeds from 
Penroc, also sown in 2008, have resulted in very attractive plants that 
will bloom this year (jasminifloras seem to be quite precocious). These 
seem to have colored pustules with a green leaf surface. The coloration 
of M. pustulata is more in the form of blotches and streaks on the leaf 
surface that go right through the pustules without changing color (got 

Good luck...


NW of Boston
First freeze last week, 11/3.
Massonia pygmaea (received as M. pustulata from Silverhill) has finished 
blooming--bees did a good job on it, lots of fat seed pods already.

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