Oxalis in the ground

Michael Mace mikemace@att.net
Fri, 05 Nov 2010 12:15:36 PDT
Andrew wrote:

>>I was interested by your experiences with Oxalis in the ground as you had
initially claimed great success with them. 

Yeah, they grew explosively the first year and were pretty good the second
year and then gradually dwindled away.  I had a very similar experience with
Lachenalias, although L. mutabilis has persisted in one spot in my yard.

Your brick idea sounds fantastic!  I have a large supply of river rocks, and
I think I could create an effect similar to what you did with the bricks.
Too bad I'll have to wait six months until I can try the experiment.

>>chaparral pack rats are the worst offenders. Mice at least eat the bulbs;
pack rats use them in huge numbers to line their nests.

I don't know what was eating mine, but it was some small top-digging rodent.
I had to put chicken wire in the top of every pot as a result.  It also
helped when three feral cats moved into the yard.  They're very good with
the rodents, and also keep me company during repotting sessions.

Thanks for the ideas.

San Jose, CA

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